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Rebel RS4 MT's


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Reader Rides 3


Nice looking truck can't miss it.


Nice articulation on this truck


Nice pic of the front end

Pedezilla's HopUp Jugg 2

Info on this Jugg 2

jj's wideners, pistol grip radio, Full Bearings, ESP Team Juggular Kit, ESP Sway bars, Stock Wheels & Tires, Freddy's Booties Magnetic Mayhems, Grave Digger Body, Proline F-350 T-Maxx Body, NOVAK Super Rooster, GPM Purple Motorplate Heatsink, GPM Purple steering Knuckles, GPM Purple suspension mounts (on diffs), GPM Purple 4" Shocks, RC Midwest Cants, Bruski's Servo Mounts Front and Rear Front Servo HITEC HS-402X (Rear Servo Futaba s3003